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>TapWater Music - Custom sticker order preview!


100 - 2.68" x 4.55" CLEAR vinyl stickers split between 50 stickers with Black ink and 50 stickers with White ink.
A big thanks goes out to Steve Moore and the TapWater Music crew for their most recent order with us. Be sure to check out their Myspace.com page for tracks off of their album and for Tour dates. Below you will find the two locations they will be performing at this weekend.....if you don't have any plans this weekend, this would be a good thing to scratch down on your calendar.

Apr 2 2010 8:00P
Portland, Oregon
Apr 3 2010 9:00P
Seattle, Washington


-TapWater is a live "World Twang" experience out of Portland, OR bringing musical inspiration from around the world right back home to your front porch. TapWater relies on smart songwriting, polished musicianship and knockout performances to keep you coming back for more. The band's homegrown humor and down-to-earth style complement the sound seamlessly, and create a live show that is particularly appealing to people who have tired of mainstream pop. World Twang is here ...TapWater is here!
This boisterous sextet blends the sound of banjo, steel pans, piano, accordion, upright bass, guitar, vocal harmonies and drums aplenty into a style they call World Twang. What is World Twang? “It’s our way of honoring the many fascinating genres of music throughout the world,” explains Steve Moore, who plays banjo and sings lead.
Band mates Steve Moore, Timmy Jones, Rudy Slizewski, Ravi Laird, Wes Elliott, and Simon Lucas, are all genuinely curious about how different cultures produce music. They study, explore, and borrow from genres across the world, and then blend what they like with their favorite American styles of music. “Not only does this keep things challenging for us,” explains Rudy, who plays steel pans, marimba, and sings lead, “its our way of connecting beyond our borders while keeping our sound fresh and distinct.”
Fans love the uniqueness of TapWater’s World Twang sound. Its diversity appeals to people of many backgrounds, and this is precisely the band’s intention. “We bring together all types of people, people who might not ordinarily spend time together if they weren’t coming to see us,” explains drummer Simon Lucas. “They dance, they have a good time, they enjoy each other’s company -- it’s extremely rewarding to facilitate that kind of unity.”
Music is the Method. To learn more about TapWater, please visit www.TapWaterMusic.com.
Our Music is FREE. If you like what you hear, and would like us to continue making music and realizing our vision, please support us by making a donation. We thank you!