>2012: A Year of ReBirth | DieCutStickers.com

>2012: A Year of ReBirth


Digital Printing Assistant John attempts to maintain his
composure as he moves in new equipment.
A view of the new DCS front office. 
A peek inside just one small section of the
massive Vinyl Die-cut warehouse.

As 2011 came to a close Diecutstickers.com, your favorite sticker-maker, has existed purely by a theme of change. With our staff growing, our home moving, and our whole identity changing we've shed an old skin that's been worn for the last few years and evolved into something bigger, better, and more substantial.

One could define their home as they place in which they spend most of their time or where to go to feel a sense of belonging. At DCS our home is where we create our life's work and spend our days making stickers. For the last few years a modest-size office and production facility has been our home. With financial success and increased volume comes the need for more assets and an extremely large animal enclosure (we think). While staying in the same charming neighborhood, we scaled up our front office and turned our departments into fully self-sustained environments (now with climate control!) We're now employing more amazing robots people than ever and cranking out more stickers on a daily basis than anyone ever thought possible. The new DCS HQ is so massive our staff is having to utilize walkie-talkies as a primary source of communication.

Our roots are a very humble start in a basement as well as friendship and ties to the action sports community. Though our hearts and fashion sense will always remain with the community of snow, skate, wake, BMX, and others we're driving our business into new and exciting areas. Software developers, fitness gurus, magicians, manufacturing companies, and charities are some of the new client avenues we're exploring to share the benefit of stickers.

Delving even further into the change we've experienced, the public at large has probably already seen mentions of the ReBirth on our social media channels. Starting with our big move, going through some growing pains, and now an exploration of our identity, the ReBirth will signal the next big change for DCS. Public perception and how we perceive ourselves will play a key factor. Our passion has driven us to do what we love and we'll never let go of what brought us here in the first place: FUN. We'll continue to walk a fine line between commitment to to business excellence and the chaotic enthusiasm of our youth. Soon the face of DCS will change permanently to augment and illustrate this facet of our business. We'll tell our story through words, images, and videos and we hope all of our friends and fans join us for the ride.

This year, more than ever, is an amazing time to connect with DCS. Our business is stickers but our passion is creative progression and we're going to be pushing beyond new limits everyday. We want you to watch it unfold with us...

The ReBirth is an evolution in the identity of DCS
and also the way we do business.