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1,000 - Digital Kiss-Cut Stickers at 4.25"

If 23 and Me sent a genetic discovery kit to the DCS team, we would be terrified at the potential results.

In the future, a complex understanding of your personal genetic makeup with could become increasingly valuable with a massive impact on family planning, health care, and quality of life. However, at this point in time, we don't want to open that can of worms on ourselves (we kid). In any case, investigate 23 and Me for yourself to see what your genetic values are and how deeply you care to understand your DNA.

Our team most certainly appreciates the opportunity to create another run of stickers and we know that everyone is going to be hearing about 23 and Me's unique services very soon.

23 and Me | Core Values

We believe that having the means to access one's genetic information is good.

For more than a century scientists have been learning how our genes help make us the way we are, operating in conjunction with diet, environment and other factors to influence aspects of our appearance, behavior, and physiology. Yet until now it has been impossible to see more than a tiny fragment of the DNA code that lies inside each of us.

At 23andMe we believe genetic research tools can and should be used to give us a deeper understanding of the role genes play in our individual lives. By tapping into advances in DNA analysis and offering education, tools, and expertise, we at 23andMe want to help others take a bold, informed step toward self-knowledge. We also hope to promote an open discussion of our values with the broader community, including not just our customers but also experts in science, medicine, and policy.