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15 - digital print 3M Brand stickers at 18" x 36"
15 - digital print 3M Brand stickers at 12" x 19.5"

Thank you Chris Jones, at Animal Element, for your order. We are fans of what your company does.


A lot of people don't "get" us horse, dog and cat lovers. Maybe your horse trailer costs more than the truck pulling it, maybe you let your 80 lb German Shepherd sit in your lap or maybe a laser pointer pen and some catnip is all you need for hours of laughter.

For years we've all been reading article after article about how we are destroying our environment and polluting ourselves. Unfortunately our animals can be exposed to even more toxins than we are. What can be done?

Brought together by our common passion for natural healing and animals, Animal Element was formed by Michelle French, Chris Jones and Jason Chilver.

Our mission is the make the most effective detox products for your pet.

All of our personal pets use our products. I always say that I won't feed my dog anything I wouldn't take myself, except maybe fish flavored milk bones. You could say we put our product where our mouth is, literally.

Additionally, 10% of our profits are donated to Heifer International. Please check out this wonderful charity and consider donating yourself.

Chris Jones
Founder and CEO