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Anon Optics | Kiss-Cut Patterns

Big thanks to Anon Optics for working with us on this new run of Kiss-Cut Stickers!

Kiss-Cut Stickers offers a ton of creative freedom when it comes to creating unique graphics and eye-catching patterns. Once you have artwork dialed, here's a quick rundown of how we bring the stickers to life:

1. Art is Digitally-Printed and laminated to protect against weather and UV fading.
2. Using our plotter, we cut through surface vinyl without punching through the Backing Paper.
3. Excess Vinyl is weeded away by hand, leaving on the design behind.
4. Application Masking (aka Transfer Tape) is added to give you proper vehicle to lay down the stickers on any smooth surface.

Combining full-color graphics with a Decal-style format makes Kiss-Cuts potentially the most dynamic and engaging type of sticker available today.

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