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2,500 - Digital Kiss-Cut stickers at 7"

Bageville's systemic tracking of user behavior certainly inspires Orwellian anxiety in us, but the digital marketing value of their service can't really be beat. When it comes to doing things smarter rather than harder, Bagdville's suite of social engagement tools can definitely equip any business with a solid foundation for growth.

A tech industry flooded with young entrepreneurs are turning to guerilla marketing for a simple, effective and engaging way to connect with a large audience. We believe that stickers are a core  piece of this strategy and we can't wait to continue working great companies like Badgeville.

Badgeville | Gamifaction and Social Engagement

As social networks capture more and more of the time spent online and, with that time, ownership of a brand's audience data, smart marketers rely on Badgeville's social engagement suite to regain control of their audience, keeping traffic on site by providing engaging, social experiences, and delivering significant increases in key user-driven business objectives.