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200 - Vinyl die-cut stickers at 9.5"
1,000 - Digital die-cut stickers at 4"
Most people don't realize the prominence of base jumping, skydiving, and other parachute related sports in the United States and abroad. At DCS we have the luxury of being able to connect with so many different industries and support business that supply apparel, equipment, information, and aid in the progression of that particular sport's subculture. We look forward to working with Brand and Bad Seed more in the future and beyond.
Bad Seed B.A.S.E | About
Bad Seed B.A.S.E Manufactures all equipment in Las Vegas, NV. We strive to give customers the best available options to the best equipment. We are committed on keeping this company unique in which we provide personal one on one service. BAD SEED BASE is always available to answer any questions whether it be the basics of base jumping,fixed objects and the conditions, or equipment. We are committed to earning the trust and respect of all jumpers.