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500 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 7"

If you can think of a reason to not drink Coconut Water, you must be a robot or a human being with a computer instead of a brain. Only the logic of a non-feeling, inorganic being could deny the health benefits and all around deliciousness of Coconut Water in ANY form. C20 is putting in some serious work making sure that the world has their fill.

Hopefully they haven't had enough of our digital die-cut stickers and we'll be ready the next time they need another vinyl fix. Until then, hopefully we all can stay hydrated whether we have access to coconuts or not.

C20 | Drink Up

C2O Pure Coconut Water began its journey in 2008. Based in Long Beach, California, C2O offers an all natural, single-ingredient beverage that contains no preservatives, no sweeteners, and is naturally isotonic. When it comes to natural rehydration, C2O offers more than a bananas worth of potassium. C2O Pure Coconut Water is a naturally smarter choice!