Committed to Quality |

Committed to Quality

The old saying is true: one bad sticker can spoil the bunch.

When we're producing thousands of stickers per day there's bound to be some rejects; it's a guaranteed outcome in the world of production. Before an order ships out, it's our job to make sure those bad stickers never see the light of day. 4 Ways we use Quality Control to spot bad stickers

Hand Cutting/Plucking

As stickers are trimmed down after coming off the plotter or pulled during the punch-cut process, our production teams have their first opportunity to notice if a sticker is mis-cut, oddly colored, or similarly wonky.

Hand Sorting

Initial sorting takes place in each department prior to orders making their way to Shipping for final QC. Keeping projects orderly, grouped, and clean. During this stage the stickers are less scrutinized but still looked at.

Hand Counting

All projects are hand-counted (no scales) in the Shipping Department. It's during this stage that the final

Taste Testing

Kidding. Please DO NOT put stickers in your mouth.