Clear Stickers: What You Need to Know |

Clear Stickers: What You Need to Know

Green Monster Sticker with back peeled to reveal Clear Vinyl.
Custom Clear Vinyl Stickers create an unreal aesthetic.

Custom Clear Stickers have arrived and are available to order online. Before you start going wild, let's review a few key pieces of info you should know to get your Clear Stickers looking their best.


Just like their White Vinyl counterparts, Clear Stickers are printed in full-color, cut to any shape imaginable, finished with a Gloss or Matte protective Laminate, and feature a Split Back for an easy peel every time.

Bottom line: these peel & stick like they mean it and are guaranteed to survive when applied properly (clean, flat surface) in ideal conditions (room temp).

Art Setup

For basic geometric shaped stickers, use our Templates to lay out your artwork. Vector Art or a high-resolution .PNG works best here for a clean print.

Use objects set to 20% cyan to show us where you want clear areas to show through. Even though we back the entire print in white, some graphic elements many be too small/delicate/narrow to align properly. Be sure to review your proof closely to make sure the sticker looks right and leave feedback comments if it doesn't.

Sticker graphic with 20% cyan denoting Clear areas.
Show us where the sticker should be clear using 20% Cyan.

Consider the Surface

Ultimately, how your sticker looks will be determined by the surface its applied to. Dark, light, or clear surfaces will result in wildly different effects so take this into consideration when choosing colors and deciding on clear sections.

Now that you've learned more about custom Clear Stickers, get your artwork ready because they're easy to order online.

Clear Sticker applied to window.
Make sure you clean the area before applying your clear stickers.