Custom Sticker Sheet Size Guide |

Custom Sticker Sheet Size Guide

Custom Sticker Sheets

Are you ready to design a custom Sticker Sheet but you have no idea where to start?

Look no further, because our size guide is about to turn you from a wet-nosed rookie into a hardened veteran by giving you some insight on the best sticker sheet sizes and how to utilize them for your next project.

Creativity is Key

Before we do anyting, you're going to need graphics. Lots of them.

If you're a designer or illustrator you probably already have that sorted. If not, pickup some design software like Procreate or Adobe Illustrator and start making. 

Pro Tips:

1. Set your file color mode to CMYK for best color results.

2. Set your file resolution to 300 dpi at desired size (or larger) for best quality.

Size Matters

The size of your Sticker Sheet will dictate the size of your removable stickers, their spacing and the overal layout. So where do you start?

4.5" x 4.5" - the perfect entry level size with a simple square layout. Include 3 to 4 designs and nice background colors or textures. Want to keep it simple and clean? White space is your friend.

5" x 4" - ideal for beginners taking the next creative step. Try a horizontal layout with 4-6 designs or go vertical and include a header image with text at the top.

6" x 4" - intermediate difficulty has arrived. This size can be oriented vertically or horizontally and can accommodate up to 8 different designs.

7" x 4.5" - welcome to the boss level. At this size you have a chance to become a creative juggernaut. Craft an entire universe with up to 10 designs (or more)!

Custom Sticker Sheet with Alien Graphics   UFO Stickers

Change the Game

Sticker Sheets present an amazing opportunity for you to cut loose and create something stunning, memorable, and high value. Whether you're an independent creator, a small business, or brand, custom Sticker Sheets are must have.

Order online and upload your artwork to get started. If you still have questions, contact us for more info or assistance.