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Die Cut Stickers vs. Kiss Cut Stickers: What’s The Difference?

While stickers may seem simple, choosing the perfect sticker design is important, especially for businesses. Stickers are an opportunity to market your business, as well as promote your image. During the ordering process, you will likely come across lots of options, and you might need to know the difference between kiss-cut vs. die-cut stickers. 

What Is a Die Cut Sticker? 

A die-cut sticker features a Liner that is custom contour-cut and aligned within a 1/8” border around the actual shape of the sticker’s artwork. This means that you won’t have a blocky sheet around your design and you will instead, have a product that looks fully customized and shares the shape exactly as the boundary of your sticker’s artwork provides.

This particular sticker style is accomplished by cutting through both the vinyl sticker and its paper Liner, unlike a traditional sticker that only cuts through the vinyl sticker side. Die-cut stickers are available for nearly all geometric or custom shapes and can accommodate any design style.

What Is a Kiss Cut Sticker?

Alternatively, a kiss cut style sticker still has a traditional square or rectangular shaped liner and it is sized up slightly larger than the actual sticker’s art design. Unlike die-cut stickers, kiss-cut stickers only come with the vinyl sticker having a custom contour-cut shape given to it. With the oversized Liner, you can effectively utilize the extra face-stock real estate to include a URL or a QR code design element or, some other pertinent bit of information that just can not be realistically or reasonably inserted into the sticker’s artwork composition without disrupting it. 

How Are They Similar?

Though the Liner shapes will differ, rest assured that the actual sticker’s material ingredients and durable nature will be the exact same. The Die Cut Stickers team, regardless of the style of sticker, will passionately make them with the utmost care & quality. All of the following details will be the same for both of these stickers:

- When you peel the sticker off of the Liner and apply it, either style will have the same custom shape.

- There are very few limits to what custom shape(s) these stickers can have. If unsure, email us by Clicking here

- Both types of stickers are printed in Full-color (CMYK)

- Both types of stickers come with a UV inhibited over-Laminate for outdoor durability and abrasion protection.

- Both types of stickers have a paper Liner.

- Both types of stickers come in either a Semi-Gloss or a Matte finish.

- Both types of stickers come with a 4-year outdoor durability rating under normal conditions.

How Are They Different?

While they are similar in material composition & durability, there are some key feature differences in the potential functions provided between the die-cut vs. kiss cut sticker styles. 

Even though the die-cut sticker is by far a more popular style of sticker within our customer community, after 20 years of crafting custom stickers, in our minds there just does not exist a more “preferred or better” sticker style when comparing these two. Instead, some of the sticker’s features provide a utility that may better fit your needs than the other, like cost versus functionality.

Since the actual sticker art coming on either sticker style will have identical shapes, the three biggest differences lie in the cost per unit, the benefits/utility of having added face-stock real estate and the Liner’s aesthetic.

But, please do not be scared away from our kiss cut style of stickers due to increased costs, as the extra face-stock real estate coming on each sticker, certainly has its own advantages and in the end and can be totally worth the added expense.

Having that extra face-stock real estate with our kiss cut stickers can be used for a multitude of things, most notably, the addition of marketing design elements, such as including your company’s name, contact information, addresses, Website URL and more. 

From a Reseller’s perspective, it is also important to note that our kiss cut stickers can be used to add in architectural features like J-Hook, Round or Triangular shaped hang-tag holes, so that the stickers can easily be merchandised in sales racks & kiosks when your intention is to resell them in stores. Lastly and something to consider, the added face-stock real estate can act as a protective barrier, enabling more intricate and delicate shaped stickers to be created and to stop the sticker’s edges/elements from being bent, ripped or even torn off during transit, storage or in merchandising.

Typically, kiss cut stickers are known for being significantly easier to peel off of the liner but, fear not, Diecutstickers.com is leveling the playing field by now including a split-back Liner for all of our die-cut stickers. So, either style of sticker that you decide to move forward with, the once frustrating and difficult nature of removing the stickers from off of their Liner, will refreshingly be a thing of the past.

How Does Ordering Work?

Time is money in business, so Diecutstickers.com has made ordering your stickers quick and easy once you decide which cut you prefer. If you need some guidance, follow these easy steps: 

  1. Create an account or log in if you are an existing customer.

  2. On our “shop” page, find the sticker cut you decided on and select that option. 

  3. Next, choose your shape, size, and quantity as prompted.

  4. For both die cut and kiss-cut stickers, you will also be able to choose between two different laminate options: matte or semi-gloss.

  5. For die-cut stickers, indicate if you want a corner radius or not.

  6. On this page, you can also peruse sticker templates if needed.

  7. Add to cart and complete the checkout process.

  8. After finalizing your order, you will be prompted to upload your artwork.

  9. Finally, our team will email you a proof for approval.

After approving the proof, we will begin the process of printing and completing your order. Free ground shipping and free setup is always available for both die cut and kiss cut stickers. All orders ship within 4-7 business days after you have approved the proof.

What Now? 

Now you wait for your awesome stickers to come to you! If you haven’t already, start making plans for how you’re going to use your new stickers to promote your business and gain more clients or customers. Contact us at Diecutstickers.com today and order your die cut or kiss cut stickers!