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Label It | Drink Coffee Do Stuff

Welcome to a new series where we throw the spotlight to standout Custom Label projects that show us how to #LABELIT.

Drink Coffee Do Stuff is a specialty coffee company brewing good vibes (and coffee, obviously) at a cozy 6,000 ft elevation in beautiful Lake Tahoe, California. Started with a small crew and powered by DIY spirit, the Drink Coffee crew owe much of their success clever thinking and improvisation.

When the time came to design packaging for Drink Coffee products, a clever solution immediately came into focus. To maxmize cost-effectiveness they decided to print as many coffee bags as possible while avoiding additional setup or color change fees. Instead of copy changes and addtional graphics, color-coded Paper Labels were created and applied in the bottom corner of the bag to fill in the roast name & flavor info. 

Check out the images below for a look!

The simple addition of Labels literally put all the pieces in place and is one of our favorite examples of a product finally coming together. Make sure you show some love to our friends at Drink Coffee Do Stuff by giving them a follow or picking up one of their roasts.

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