WATCH: The Bush Project Video |

WATCH: The Bush Project Video

The Bush Project is the brainchild of grassroots snowboarding event dynamo Snowboy Productions in conjunction with Sugarbush Parks in Vermont.

This marks the 4th in a series of pop-up style events featuring an exclusive setup of snowboard park features brought to life under a veil of secrecy and then unleashed to an unsuspecting public after a squad of hand-picked pro's does some thorough testing.

For a full look at the ensuing mayhem and magic, check out the video above. Huge thanks to Snowboy, Sugarbush Parks, Salomon Snowboards, Airblaster, Bental Metal Bindings, and Crab Grab for bringing yet another incredible snowboarding event concept to life! 

Also, enjoy some majestic still photos courtesy of Stephan Jende, Ashley Rosemeyer, and Tim Zimmerman.