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DCS Biography: The Sticker Monster

It's time you learn the truth about the monstrous face of our business.

By now you've probably seen our brand new website. Defining our identity is the visually-striking sticker monster. Veiled in mystery and defiantly secretive, the new monster is a product of the vinyl creation process and embodies the passion and fierce independence of DCS.

After crawling out of a boiling pool of fetid vinyl  in a hot corner of the sticker warehouse, this unnamed creature quickly asserted dominance and assured us protection in exchange for fame. Thus, a company image was born.

Get to know the sticker monster before he devours your soul!

A Quick Rundown of the Beast

A foolish person is quick to dismiss this green behemoth. Sized at around 8 inches and only weighing just under a few ounces, anything with horns and fangs like these should be taken seriously.

When not in the office, the sticker monster tends to spend its time pranking hard, chowing down on small dogs, Slim Jims or pawing through the garbage.

Never, ever feed the monster after midnight and avoid spilling energy drinks on its green fur. Trouble will ensue. Serious trouble. In any case, call DCS immediately.

You've been warned.