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>Derek Trent | 'MERICAH!


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250 - Digitial die-cut stickers at 1.18 x 6" with full bleed.

What can be said about the enigmatic hub of patriotism known as 'MERICAH? Whether it's flags, guns, cheap beer, helicopters, explosions, or any manner of general happiness/carnage these boys have you covered. Their lifestyle blog is rich with photos, videos and other content illustrating the 'Merican way of life.ย 

DCS is on board with their kind of passion and enthusiasm. We're happy to produce full bleed die-cut stickers to garner as much attention possible for their exceptional presentation of culture. Whether this attention is positive or negative is definitely up to the people. Cheers!

'MERICAH | It's a Lifestyle

'MERICAH! is that special feeling you get when you're drinking a beer in your lifted truck running over a prius. Throw your fist in the air and shout 'MERICAH! because you are in the land of the free.