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500 - 1-color vinyl diecut stickers at 1.98" x 4"
Thank you to everyone at Dirt Hugger, for your continued business with us. Keep up the good work! To learn more about Dirt Hugger, please visit their site!

Dirt Hugger is a regional composting company that supports a sustainable, local economy by collecting, processing, and utilizing valuable organic nutrients locally. The Tri-Counties Organics Management Feasibility Study highlighted the growing need for a compost facility in the Columbia River Gorge. Without access to composting services, organic materials are consequently processed in unsustainable ways; they are dumped in landfills where they produce 40% of the nation’s methane gas emissions, burned in open air piles, or trucked long distances to urban processing centers. Applying the concept of local sourcing to organic waste management, Dirt Hugger offers an environmentally responsible waste management alternative for residents and businesses in the local Columbia Gorge community.