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670 - standard diecut stickers in assorted sizes & colors.

Thank you to all our friends at Evo, for your continued support. Be sure to check Evo out!

What/Who is evo?
What exactly does evo mean? You will probably get a number of different answers whether it comes from a customer, partner, or employee. However, evo's foundation is built on core values that should shine through regardless of the relation of the person associated with us.

From the beginning, evo has promoted the all-important balance between lifestyle and the workplace. In fact, working for evo is a lifestyle. It is being involved and promoting the progression of the sports we represent. It is being respectful to all individuals, the industry and community we are fortunate to live and work in. It is also about having a sense of humor and being able to laugh at our past mistakes and quirky individualities.

Working for evo is a morning session on the lake before putting in a hard day's work. It is also spending an extra hour with the local non-profit that won't necessarily ad to the bottom line. While we are a company that aggressively pursues new opportunities, evo's culture is about balanced ambition that will continue to reward well-rounded people as well as fuel a successful company.