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FELTRAIGER | New American Classic


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3,000 - Stickers on a roll.
1,000 - Digital Kiss-Cut Stickers at 3.75"

Picture the movie Drive, starring Ryan Gosling. Now picture that movie with zero hammer bludgeoning incidents. This will give you a idea of the vibe of the high fashion existence of FELTRAIGER. While we lack the boldness and confidence necessary for that kind of style, we're definitely projecting our admiration and imagining the possibilities.

Wardrobe sensibilities aside, we couldn't be more excited to couple our sticker-making efforts with a more dynamic and fresh label. Certainly more work can be done to create vinyl pairings of the highest order.


FELTRAIGER is an American menswear label based in Brooklyn, New York. The brand is driven by an idea of American rebellion, while individual collections gather inspiration from specific American sub-cultures. We call the brand “New American Classic”, and aim to create classic American garments with updated details. Everything produced by FELTRAIGER is made in the United States in limited numbers and built with the intention of being passed down to future generations.