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7,000 -1-color screen print stickers with custom die.
3,000 - 1-color screen print stickers with custom die.

Thank you Heather, at Fuck Cancer, for choosing Diecutickers.com, as your sticker manufacturer!


What is Fuck Cancer?
Fuck Cancer is an empowering initiative to regain control in our battle against the disease. Gone are the days of complacent mourning for the lives that we once led. Starting today we say, FUCK CANCER. Fuck the pitying glances, lowered voices, and passive societal norms. With this initiative, we empower patients, survivors and their loved ones to live and laugh, not just despite this disease, but because of it. Today, we take back our future, happiness and sense of humor.
This is not just an organization, not just a t-shirt, it is a movement; a movement to change the way in which society reacts to cancer and how we see and treat cancer patients.