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Screen-printed stickers on white vinyl with split backs.
Screen-printed stickers on clear vinyl with split backs.

Geeklist is not for the faint of heart. Coders and developers possess a rare breed of toughness and don't really reside on the same plane of existence as the rest of us. However, they do need to be employed in our realm and thus Geeklist was born. This cabal of sorts puts developers and potential employers together and cuts out the formalities.

Where do stickers come in? Recruitment? Solidarity? Makeshift band-aids? We're not sure. Either way, our run of screen-printed stickers are another feather in the DCS Sticker Cap and we're hungry for more.

Geekli.st | Status-Quo Disruption

Born in San Francisco, Geekli.st is an achievement-based social portfolio builder where all bad-ass code monkeys around the globe can communicate, brag, build their street cred and get found. We founded Geekli.st because it was time for a united front, exclusively for developers, to build tangible credibility in the workplace.