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600 - 1-color vinyl diecut stickers at 5.74" x 6"
100 - 1-color vinyl diecut stickers at 10.55" x 11"

Thank you to Golden State Wake, for your order. You can learn more about Golden State Wake by visiting their site!


In order to progress your ability on a wakeboard or wakeskate, you must first build a foundation for learning. Our coaches explain wake theory, which includes physics, safety, and history. As the sport continues to evolve with bigger wakes and more advanced equipment under our feet, it is important to realize that coaching continues to adjust according to innovation in our gear. After teaching wake theory, we help you feel how the board works with the water by taking you through a series of low-speed drills. It is much easier to correct posture and demonstrate leverage at this stage of the process. Our drills are specific to certain tricks, and your goals will determine which drills we employ. Lastly, it is important to understand that our system works best when there is enough time to spend at each stage of the process. We recommend scheduling a full day for your first lesson in order to learn the system. Once you understand how the system works, you can come back and choose our hourly lessons to progress your riding.