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>Green Air Project | CO2 Certified


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Water and trees are essentially the tools necessary for human life to maintain itself in the most basic sense. Cutting down trees is fine as long as you replace what you take. Drinking water and using indoor plumbing is fine as long as you...well, we'll talk about that solution later. Either way, Green Air Project is putting in some serious work making it easy for everyone to reduce their Carbon Dioxide footprint. Currently sitting at 220,471 Trees Planted, GAP has a solid foothold on making sustainability affordable for everyone.

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We will. And not just because we're making their stickers. Seriously. Thanks for for working with us, guys!

GAP | Real Results

Green Air Project is an organization that helps people and companies offset their carbon footprints in the most sustainable and positive ways: by planting trees. Through Green Air Project, making a difference is affordable.