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250 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 3" x 1.5"

Helmet Head is a fantastic non-profit showing support for safety and injury prevention across all sports and activities. The entire DCS team agrees that concussion and serious head injuries can be prevented by using protection and regardless of attitude, everyone should get safe. Helping promote this lifestyle is perfect for our particular set of sticker skills and we're excited with the final product. Be sure to check out Helmet Head online and get involved!

Helmet Head | About

Helmet Head was built on the premise that too many people are getting hurt while out trying to have FUN! We want to help prevent injuries that are avoidable by encouraging skiiers and riders to wear a helmet!

We will unite the industry in helmet use and change the image problem of the helmet! You should have one on regardless of your age, ability, skill level, gaperness, or coolness!