Bath Time with Helly Hansen Workwear |

Bath Time with Helly Hansen Workwear

2017 at DCS is already shaping up to be an amazing year. After settling into our new facility in Tukwila, we were quick to get Vehicle Wrap projects lined up in the special install bay we've dubbed "The Hangar."

The first project is a Peterbilt semi-truck that required a good washing before our install team set about wrapping the entire cab + body. DCS owner Daniel Diederichs actually took it upon himself to rinse, sponge, and loofah the truck with his own hands and ensure the vehicle would be ready on wrap day.

With the weather being a crisp 45 degrees, it was crucial to stay dry and layered. Luckily we had a full set of Helly Hansen Workwear on hand to keep Daniel dialed. Helly Hansen has been a great customer for years and it was fun to take the opportunity to put their gear through the ringer.

Within an hour we had the Peterbilt sparkling and nestled back inside, ready for fresh coat of not-paint the next day. Make sure you stay tuned for photos of this project (and more) because The Hangar at DCS is going to be seeing plenty of action.

*UPDATE* Here's the finished wrap.