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Holden Outerwear | A Case for Clear Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Die-cut Stickers (decals) are bold, unique, and durable. Despite these advantages, they do require a bit of thought/finesse when applying to surfaces, as well as requiring longer, extremely hands-on production processes.

So, what's a good alternative?

Check out these Holden Outerwear Screen-Printed Stickers. A simple, one-color graphic on Clear Vinyl can do a great job mimicking the "no border" effect of Vinyl Die-cuts. After a quick "Slap n' Stick" on most surfaces, those edges just disappear.

Other advantages include: back-printing, high-speed production, and split-backing. To get details + pricing about Clear Vinyl Screen-Printed Stickers, Request A Quote.

In the meantime, check out Holden Outerwear and their amazing plethora of super-tech, eco-friendlier gear.