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How To Order Stickers

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Getting custom stickers should be easy, so here's a quick rundown of how to order online at! Go to our website (congrats, you're already here!) and go to Step 1.

1. Create An Account

Register to track orders, manage your billing/shipping info, and re-order.. 

2. Create Your Online Order

Head over to to our Shop and choose Die Cut Stickers, Kiss Cut Stickers, or Sticker Sheets if your artwork is dialed and you're ready to place your order. Select your shape, size, and quantity to get pricing.

3. Checkout and Upload Artwork

Add the product to your cart and head to Checkout. Fill in your billing/shipping details and enter a coupon code if you have one. Submit this info and upload your file.

4. Approve Your Proof

Click the email link or login to your account to view and approve your proof. Reject and add notes if changes are needed.

5. Wait

You'll receive a shipping notification when your order goes out the door. This is the hardest part.

6. Mail Day

Open the box and remember that it's ok to scream.