The Importance of Proofing |

The Importance of Proofing

Creating insanely custom Stickers is a shockingly complex process.

It's not quite as simple as receiving a file and hitting the 'Print' button, which is why we have an insurance policy in order to make sure that our team and our clients are on the same page before we proceed with a project. This insurance policy is a document universally known as a Proof.

Our Account Reps will mock up your sticker project in a digital file that specifies colors, indicates cutlines, lists quantities, shows pricing, and offers you a complete look at every aspect of your order. Once received, it's the responsibility of you to review in full and look for any oversights, missing features, or inconsistencies with your expectations.

Our Account Reps will do their best to explore all your needs, but we still need your help to fill in any gaps and mitigate any confusion. It's in our best interest to give you the best experience possible and to do that we need your help.

Please always review your Proofs and, as always, if you have any questions or call your Account Rep directly.