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Idahome Digital Die-cut stickers.

While Innate Screen Printing remains an important creative fixture in the northwest and beyond, it's time to expose the truth of what's REALLY going on.

Hidden deep in the wilds of Bellingham, WA is a room filled with screen printing machines and legendary creatures of myth: the sasquatch. Once a Pacific Northwest staple, these creatures have been rapidly declining in number for several years. Clearly the Innate team has been recruiting talent and keeping it very hush hush.

Their team is polished and on point; the screen printing work is top notch and the artwork couldn't be more interesting. Our interest lies in the TRUTH. We just want them to stop hiding. Soon we'll dispatch our own DCS Sticker Monster to expose the lies and then we can get on with our lives. Til' then, keep the creativity coming.

Innate | Philosophy

INNATE is a group of people who prescribe to individuality, imagination, and collaboration. In an environment designed to inspire, elevate, and engage, we persistently strive to progress and provide for ourselves and our community by way of positive influence. INNATE’s roots grow from the conviction that each and every human is a beautiful, unique, and invaluable member of their community’s infrastructure and should be celebrated by all means.

INNATE aims to encourage individuals to realize their inherent abilities and unlimited potential to express themselves through any and all mediums. A cause for an everlasting effect, a feeling and a movement. It’s an internal obligation to build upon an age-old blueprint for a collective purpose: to nurture and build upon each others innate abilities for a greater good. INNATE is a blossoming manifestation of passion and creative intuition.”