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Invisible Creature logo brought to life.
3,000 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 4" x 3"

What more can be said about the creative colossus known as Invisible Creature? Self-taught, DIY skills coupled with innate talent have paired to evolve into one of the most influential design duos of all time. Their reach extends from right here in the Pacific Northwest to the top of the music industry and beyond. The DCS is crew is absolutely floored to be producing stickers for artists whose work inspires them on a daily basis. Big thanks to Don and his brother Ryan for doing what they do and letting us share some of the glory.

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Understanding the Creature | Who They Are

In the beginning… there was passion, manifested only as doodles in the margins of school text books. From very early in our childhood, we knew exactly what we wanted to do with our lives. This passion, though possibly unrealized at the time, was not altogether arbitrary. Our grandfather, Alfred Paulsen, had been an illustrator throughout his entire professional life- 28 years of which he spent at NASA. Additionally, our father devoted a good deal of his spare time in the home workshop, crafting perfectly executed woodworks in the form of furniture, toys and various other goods. The desire to create, and the potential to do it with precision and imagination, was simply engrained in us.

Growing older brought change in our motivation and expanded ideas of exactly what it was we wanted to create. In our teenage years, we found punk rock. By the time our school years were coming to a close, we’d found ourselves utterly immersed in the culture. Just a few short years later, our passion for music gave way to starting bands, signing record contracts and touring the nation. Our time spent in the trenches of a DIY music scene, and the knowledge acquired therein, would eventually prove to be the groundwork for a longstanding future in the arts.

In 2000, to further pursue our career in both music and design, we made the move from Sacramento, California, to Seattle’s ever-blossoming artistic frontier. After finding ground in our new city, and suffering various 9-5 dead-ends, we took a series of very necessary steps towards making a living with our core passions in mind. The 5 years spent with Asterik Studio, our first legitimate design company, allowed us to expand our portfolio expansively in a very short period of time. Additionally, our newly-founded metal band was seeing its own share of success, with album sales in the hundreds of thousands, and sold-out tours across the U.S. Juggling these two worlds was no easy task, but somehow we managed- and loved every minute of it.

As the first decade of the new millennium began to pass, more changes were brewing. In 2006, we decided on a mutual split from our good friends at Asterik Studio, and launched a new company, just the two of us. With an increasing desire to focus our efforts on print design, and a reinvigorated passion for illustration, Invisible Creature was born.

Invisible Creature has had the honor of receiving 4 Grammy nominations for music packaging, and have worked with clients such as Target, Nike, New York Times, Esquire, Wired, Interscope, Sony, Universal, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Nordstrom and MTV- to name a few. Our work has been featured in the pages of Print, HOW, Communication Arts, IdN, Step, in addition to publications of the hard-bound variety by publishers such as Chronicle, Juxtapoz, Die Gestalten Verlag and Fantagraphics.