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>Mochie-Roo: Watercolor Pet Portraits


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200 - 3M brand digital diecut stickers in two sizes.

Thank you Chloe Marty, of Mochie-Roo: Watercolor Pet Portraits, for your order!


ello! Welcome to MOCHIE-ROO: Watercolor Pet Portraits by Chloe. I am the owner and artist, Chloe Marty, and I live and work in beautiful Durango, Colorado. I have been watercolor painting since I was a child, and Mocha (nickname Mochie-Roo, pronounced Mo-key Roo), my 7 year old chocolate lab, is the inspiration for my newest passion of painting furry family members.

From one of your favorite photos, I will produce an original work of watercolor art of your pet. You select the size you would like, approximately 4x6” or 5x7”. The background of the portrait will develop as the portrait comes to life. I may leave it white, which creates a stunning impression, or use/modify the existing background of the photo. At times, ink is used in addition to watercolor paint for super-detailed parts of furry faces; capturing those details is my passion. 

You can order a custom pet watercolor portrait of your beloved animal here on my website, as well as view my portfolio of watercolor portraits. I work from lovable up-close shots of your animal and their sweet face to truly capture their unique personality; I want to be sure that the portrait reveals the essence of your furry family member! Each portrait is 100% original and unique. I sign the piece and number it 1/1, as it is the only of its kind in existence.