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2,400 - Digital Die-cut stickers in 3 sizes and layouts
2,500 -  Two color screen print stickers at 6"

DCS was born from the minds and actions of street artists. Almost every single crew member at Diecutstickers.com has ties to graffiti or is an artist in their own right. When it came time to move into a massive new work space everyone rejoiced at the opportunity to adorn the walls with paint and make it our own. This resulted in huge effort to create six unique pieces from some very unique personalities. The DCS staffers refused to use anything but MTN paint and the results were nothing short of impressive. We couldn't have asked for a more comfortable space due to the hard work put in by our team, it will certainly continue to be our most unique to date.

When the team was called upon to create stickers for MTN, we were honored. This is one business relationship truly built on respect and we'll do our best to nurture its longevity.

MTN | Heritage

In 1994 a group of paint industry innovators started a company by doing what their successors at Montana Colors S.L. still do: listening to their customers. What they heard was that brand after brand of spray paint lacked consistency, had become watered down, lackluster and difficult to control. Their answer?

To design and create spray paint with the artists in mind. The spirit of innovation, determination and commitment to quality manifested itself in the creation of the Hardcore™ brand of decorative coatings for art, home, or industry. Montana Colors has consistently set the benchmark for all "artist" paints and boutique brands to try to match. Today montana Colors serves a global market from their headquarters and 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Barcelona Spain.