The N-Grained Inc. x Volcom Collection |

The N-Grained Inc. x Volcom Collection

No one embodies our rallying cry of "Power to the Makers" more than the talented and passionate crew at N-Grained, Inc.

Led by legendary pro-snowboarder Mark Landvik and held together by incredible artists like James Johnson, N-Grained is carving out a reputation for consistently cranking out breathtaking works. The fine folks at Volcom tapped into this via Mark and together they created the N-Grained, Inc. x Volcom Collection, a full line of quality garments and other items featuring native art by James Johnson.

We were absolutely blown away when we got a closer look at each piece and it was our pleasure to assist by producing some stickers for the collection, with our favorite being the Kiss-cut Transfer Sticker. You can head over to and shop the collection now.

A massive thank you goes out to the N-Grained crew for allowing us join them on their journey.


About N-Grained, Inc: "N-grained, Inc. is a collaboration of like-minded artists, each venturing down their own path while pursuing the same vision. Our purpose is to create authentic works of art that are rich in culture and provide inspiration for others to find their own creativity within themselves. N-Grained, Inc. is raw, honest self-expression."