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20  - 2 -color vinyl diecut stickers in two colorways.

Thank you Luke Waters, at On Location Aerial, for your order with us.Watch the video we posted below!


Using our custom built Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with onboard gyro-stabilized camera mounts, we provide high definition video and photography from unique aerial perspectives.
Not only an affordable alternative to full sized aircraft, we provide unique perspectives previously unreached by traditional ground based or aerial platforms.
Compared to full sized helicopters, the safety of our UAVs allow us to operate much closer to the subject and around more sensitive environments. Compared to ground based solutions like booms or jibs, our UAV can move in complete freedom around subjects, and make complex movements in crowded shooting environments. Compared to other UAVs, the unique portability of our system allows it to be transported in a number of ways including on foot. Once on location our UAV can be operated for hours completely independent from outside support.
Simply put; our UAVs can go where booms and cranes cannot reach, where other UAVs cannot be deployed, and where it is not practical or safe to fly full sized aircraft.