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2- custom banners at 33" x 51"
1- custom banner at 3" x 11'
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"Take a stand." We are told constantly by politicians, by our elders, and even our friends, to take a stand. Most of the time, people tell us to take a stand with them. Cast your vote for this candidate, take a stand for this issue. But us, we're not about that. Our company is named Panthers and Hippies because we support everybody and anybody standing up for something. We don't care if it's with a closed fist or a peace sign. We don't care if it's in your face or hugging you in the chest. We only care about the righteousness of it all, and there's only one thing that makes it right. The only person that tells you to "take a stand," should be you.


Back in the 1960s, African-Americans were still treated with contempt and discrimination throughout America. It was this environment that inspired Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale to form a youth movement in Oakland, California. Their mission statement was to reclaim the dignity of Black Americans through any means necessary. America became scared of a group of young African-Americans that refused to sit down and obey the rules. With closed fists and black gloves, they took a stand. With a straight back and strong legs, they said that enough was enough. This group of young men were called the Black Panther Party. We, at Panthers and Hippies, draw inspiration from the Black Panthers because they symbolized a movement that came straight from the heart. These men refused to sit down, they fought and scratched for every concession the American government had failed to give them. Today, we want to bring that spirit of conviction with our company.


Back in the 1960s, America was embroiled in the middle of the Vietnam War. Millions of young men were forced to leave their families, their friends, and their lovers to go serve a tour of duty that would most likely claim their life. Back then, this was the crusade against Communism. People were told that America was fighting the good fight in the name of liberty. Soon enough, some young men and women decided that this wasn't the good fight. They decided that we were losing too much to a war that didn't mean enough. They took a stand and stood defiantly in front of draft orders and war propaganda. They stuck flowers in rifles and shouted for peace, not just in the war, but for all of the world. These were the members of the Free Love movement in the 60s, also known as Hippies. Our company, Panthers and Hippies, tries to capture the strength of Free Love. These people proved that you don't need to shed blood in order to affect a true change. All you need to do is take a stand.

Panthers & Hippies