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Full store-front vinyl graphics package plus interior walls and dressing room decals. Installation was arranged and provided by trained DCS installers.

DCS would like to thank Midori Johnson, for her continued business with us and for always allowing us to be creative in our approach to solving her graphic needs. You can learn more about Phiten USA on their website and review all of the products they carry. If you are ever in the Downtown Seattle, be sure to stop by and ask for Midori......tell her the boys over at DCS sent you. She will take great care of you and who knows, you might even spot a professional athlete in the store while you are shopping!

........a little bit about the company!
All our products reflect Phiten's uncompromising search for health. Our aim is to provide health-promoting technologies and products. We will never offer an item that might have an ill effect on your health, no matter how convenient and useful it may be. That's our philosophy.
After examining the meaning of health in this day and age, we directed our attention to the body's natural healing power. Part of the body’s natural responses, it is often weakened by the fatigue and stress accumulated with the hectic pace of modern life. Your body’s energy system influences all of your body’s responses. Phiten products regulate and balance that flow of energy throughout your body. Proper energy balance helps to alleviate discomfort, speed recovery, and counteract fatigue by restoring the body’s natural healing powers.