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50 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 2" x 5"
50 - Digital Die-cut stickers at 2.68" x 3"

DCS collaborates with a lot of clothing brands on a daily basis and RepJA is certainly one of the most unique we've encountered. Their special blend of Caribbean roots and urban street style paint a distinct portrait of youth culture from a region often misunderstood. Over an extremely short time the popularity of RepJA has exploded on a global scale, reaching an unprecedented fashion audience. Our team did a tremendous job crafting an order of digital die-cut stickers for this brand we hope to see more working coming our way very soon as RepJA continues to explode as a brand.

RepJA | About

RepJA is a groundbreaking clothing line that ushers the vibrant and colorful world of Jamaican culture into a new era of edgy and artistic international expression. RepJA clothing blends American street wear influences with nuances of Jamaica’s thriving mix of music, language, reggae dances and culture. In contrast with traditional Jamaican clothing lines, RepJA breaks out of the red, gold and green box and explores a wide range of designs that appeal to a broad audience, with an ear-to-the-streets twist.