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200 - custom 1-color vinyl diecut stickers at 1" x 5.8"

Thank you Tim Cutting at Skate[Slate], for your order.


Skate[Slate] is here to exclusively cover the sport of longboarding. The sport is growing and the disciplines are becoming more refined. The riders are pushing the sport to new limits everyday and at the end of a long skate session, the web is where it’s all being shown off.

Skate[Slate] is here to cover all aspects of the sport including news, gear, riders, events and the web’s first video directory dedicated exclusively to longboarding. In addition to scouring the web for all things longboarding, Skate[Slate] will also bring you original content; including original articles, rider interviews, gear reviews and some of the best looking HD Video thanks to our partnership with Colabo Innovations.

Lastly, Skate[Slate] is here to support the industry. We hope to collaborate with the many companies and riders who make up this industry and do our own part to push things forward. As everyone is realizing, longboarding is starting to catch on across all demographics. Though very few organizations track the growth of our industry, everyone is sensing it, there is big growth ahead. It is our intention to watch, listen and tell this story along the way.

Enjoy the site and as with any collaboration, please let us know what you like, dislike, and want to see on the site over the months ahead.

Looking forward to the road ahead.