Check out the new stickers for artist and PNW Minor-Celebrity Son Duong!

As a formally trained illustrator and graphic designer, Son's artistic powers are the result of cybernetic implants in his hands & wrists. Several years ago he was the recipient of a very progressive curriculum from the Seattle Art Institute, who wanted to replace their graduating classes with invincible cyborgs that could do the work of 100 artists.

Unfortunately, Son was the only survivor of the harsh process and since then he's gone on to thrive in the art world creating commercial and commissioned works. Some of his famous clients include O'Neil, REEF, Skullcandy, and Scion.

Occasionally Son's talents are tapped by foreign governments to complete Black Ops missions under a sensitive veil of secrecy. The work of a half-man/half-machine is never done...

Check out his artwork online and search WikiLeaks for records of his *covert mission briefs, if you dare.

*Protocol dictates these do not exist, officially.