Sopinsky Creations | Spotting Pull |

Sopinsky Creations | Spotting Pull

The year was 2012. We were contacted by artist to create featuring his "Craola Bomb" and "Icky Mouse" graphics (see more of his work HERE).

After some intense printing and wild cutting on the plotter, we delivered these glorious full-color vinyl stickers.

It's now 2014.

After recently unearthing these samples we decided to examine a long term phenomenon in stickers known as "Pull."

The vinyl used to create full-color stickers is pliable. When left on its Backing Paper, the ink coverage will cause the sticker to retract over time. You'll notice this from the backing paper showing through near the edges. Don't mistake this as a sloppy cut or a kind of border; it's simply the sticker contracting.

Rest assured, once you lay the sticker down properly, it stretches right back to its original size.

RECAP: Where does "PULL" occur?

- Digitally Printed Die-Cut Stickers
- 60% or more ink coverage
- Over long periods of time: weeks/months/years

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