Several members of the DCS team sport tattoos. Guess who dropped a couple hundred dollars on a crappy doodle just to say he got a tattoo in Vegas? Others have images that define them or remain as striking works of art. Some speak to the impulsive nature of youth and that emphemeral scope of vision we've all shared. In any case, permanent markings of the skin remain a key fixture of human culture past and present.

Stable Color makes its contribution in the form of inks that contain no surprising ingredients and remains safe for those participating in the inking process. Vegan certified for health and heart. Additionally, professionalism is job #1 and they only sell to verified artists working with a real shop. Partnered with Workhorse Irons, who create handmade tools & supplies for the tattoo community at large, we see these as extremely commendable values.

DCS is honored to work with businesses that takes serious pride in their product and our team did their very best to create vinyl stickers of the highest quality. Another new project, another finished piece to add to our pantheon of unique vinyl offerings.

Make sure you check out Stable Color products online HERE and Workhorse Irons HERE.