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East an& West layout in two sizes.
25 - Digital die-cut stickers at 4.5 x 7"
250 - Digital die-cut stickers at 2.58 x 4"

The An& Brand remains a homegrown and complete in-house apparel brand. With a story of humble beginnings and high ideals, the An& has rose to become and example of steady growth and success through determination and character. If you're looking to represent a company that prides itself on community and artistic integrity, look no further. DCS is happy to be partnered with such a brand and the team can't wait to collaborate on more sticker designs in the future. Be sure to check these guys out online and see what this group from the northeast has to offer the world of snow!

The An& Brand | Roots

Our roots are nestled in the hills of Central New York. To call this area paradise would be an overstatement. To say it is miserable would be an understatement. While there are some clear disadvantages to growing up in this area, there is also a lot to be said about the kind of culture it provides for those with the motivation to grow beyond it.

The hill that we grew up skiing is Toggenburg, in Fabius, NY. This was our stomping grounds through our high school years, and we've maintained a strong connection with the resort even since moving away. It's the kind of place where your friend drives the groomer and you can have a hefty amount of input when it comes to building a park.

It's also the kind of place that will listen to the riders and give all they can to keep them stoked. For this reason, it is also the place where An& started hosting annual events. In the fall, we help to put on Hay Bails and Grind Rails, an event that showcases a handful of the season's latest films and hosts the area's first rail jam of the year. In the Spring, we host the Toggenburg Takeover, an event where we design a couple of unique features that encourage riders to get creative with their tricks.

We've been based out of Burlington, VT for the last four years. During our college years in VT, we continued to push our skiing and learn more about the industry. We were strongly influenced by the vintage, handcrafted, and hardworking mentality that runs deep in Vermont culture. Equally important were the other brands in the area that taught us what not to do. With these forces around us, we developed our belief that a brand should be able to stand behind its products 100%, and that the only true way to do this is to be fully involved in their creation.