Tribute | I Get Rad For Rudolph |

Tribute | I Get Rad For Rudolph

Recently DCS was given the bittersweet responsibility of producing vinyl stickers for a fallen member of the local community and a beloved professional snow enthusiast.

Chris Rudolph personified passion and was someone that our staff has been in contact with due to his position at Stevens Pass Ski Resort. Those very close to him were shocked by his abrupt loss in what was a truly horrifying avalanche.

The community outpouring was quick and massive as many friends, family members, and those in the snow industry were quick to pay tribute and mourn the loss of someone whose life had such a vast, positive impact.

The DCS staff was more than happy to kick out these tribute stickers as well as others to aid in the effort to bring a positive out of the loss of life that occurred on February 19th, 2012.