Twitch | Everyone Knows Your Name |

Twitch | Everyone Knows Your Name

Making friends is the best part of any event, but nailing that first icebreaker is absolutely BRUTAL.

So, how do you lighten the mood?

NAME TAGS. Already knowing the names of strangers is the perfect conversation starter (you know it is) and if you're part of a video game broadcasting service like TwitchTV, it's a great way to connect with folks that are going to be streaming their video game sessions online for viewing.

Other proposed uses for Sticky Name Tags:

1. Temporary License Plates (not recommended).
2. Miniature Billboards for Neighborhood Insects.
3. Emergency Back Up Bandages (a last resort).
4. Trial Run: Testing out a NEW name for yourself.

We can screen-print thousands of these in just 7-10 business days, so submit a Quote Request and let's get you some name tags! Still have questions? Find us on Twitter and #AskDCS.