Vigorground Fitness | Removable Wall Graphics |

Vigorground Fitness | Removable Wall Graphics

Jeff the Installer (our top installer) braved the drizzly, overcast streets of Renton, Washington as he headed over to to spruce up their workout space with some inspirational wall graphics. We tagged along to document some of the process, so make sure you scope out the video above and keeping reading for more details.

Two materials were used. The white inspirational message was laid down with a simple plotter-cut Transfer Sticker aka a Vinyl Die Cut. Section by section it was positioned and then released from its Transfer Tape to create the effect of a painted design. The second piece was digitally printed in full-color onto a material with a low-tac adhesive, allowing for light repositioning and easy removal. If you have ideas about decorating a space with wall graphics but balk at the thought of damaging paint, we can help.

Huge thanks to Luka and the crew for the opportunity to show off a little bit while also injecting some personality and inspiration into their impressive training facility.