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>Warren Davis III | Black Tie Flow


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This is the black tie flow.

Black Tie Flow is a young startup focused on nothing but positive energy. We can appreciate their gusto and work ethic. This, combined with an ambitious and compassionate value system, has made them standout among the cut-and-paste apparel crowd. We're excited to be making their stickers and seeing them grow at such a rapid rate. Keep your eyes peeled for BTF making power moves!

BTF | Mission

Black Tie Flow is so much more than a quality-clothing brand. What we are, and what we aspire to become, is a cultural revolution.

It's not enough for us to merely produce fine fashion in attire. We want to create a culture in our communities that inspires the same kind of passion in the hearts of our consumers, as is so apparent in our brand. We want to see a shift in our culture from the mindset of settling, to the mentality of striving.

Too often we have the tendency to be timid, to accept a lesser version of our dreams because we are afraid of taking that final risk or jumping over that last, but biggest hurdle. At Black Tie Flow, we're all about helping our customers in erasing that fear and finding their strength. We want to inspire the world to go after their dreams and to take their aspirations seriously. We want to revolutionize the way people view their own unique potential, and we plan on achieving all of this through the infusion of fashion, art, media and positive creativity.