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Zoot logo for helmets-1,000- silver at 1" x 3".

Zoot Ultra Dealer Store Window Sticker-full color 3M digital sticker with UV abrasion guard, & kiss-cut.

2,000-1" x 6" silver & blue Zoot logo stickers.

500-blue Zoot logo stickers at 3 1/8" x 11 5/8".
"Zoot Sports is one of those companies that never ceases to amaze you. While Zoot (deleted Sports) was the 1st Triathlon company and was founded in Kona, around the very special Ironman Triathlon World Championships, (way back in 1983), it no longer focuses just on Triathlon. In fact, Zoot Sports is one of the premier up-and-coming running companies. With a full line of running apparel that will make even the most discerning runner drool, Zoot also launched an incredible and very technical footwear line. These are not triathlon specific shoes, though they work wonderfully for triathlon races, with features such as speed of entry, sockless wear and a drainage system, rather, they are indisputably on par with any other well known running company…so keep your eyes out for them."

Thank you Molly Kline, for your order with us!