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100 - digital diecut stickers at 3.5" x 3.5"

Thank you to 13fngrs, for your order with us! Be sure to check out 13fngers!

13fngrs is a wild haired, moster loving, sticker posting, cookie eating, wheat pasting, luchador crushing, beat junkie, sunglassed superbeast from the old school. Raised on horror movies and Disneyland rides, with a penchant for the absurd and a eye for the odd.

He’s a Photoshop phenomenon, and an Illustrator Einstein, 13fngrs has worked as an Art Director for Macy’s and Illustrated many of their national campaigns. Currently he works by day as the driving artistic force behind a large casino, but by night… He works mashing up pop culture, fine art, monster movies, Disney characters, and anything else that is stuck inside his enormous head, into an illustration style that is very unique for a clientele that cares more about creativity than creative control.

I’m always looking for projects to keep me out of trouble, so hit me up and keep me from causing mischief in the streets.