antigravityBASE | BASE Jumping for Beginners |

antigravityBASE | BASE Jumping for Beginners

When it comes to hucking yourself off a rock, most would find that their first time yields a hopelessly large amount of terror. This is where Matt Frohlich comes in.

antigravityBASE was started to educate first-timers on the in's & out's of safety, technique, and equipment in the world of BASE Jumping. But whether you're brand new to the sport or looking for advanced training, Matt has you covered. Check out his WEBSITE for more info.

Also be sure to check out these 2-color stickers the DCS Team created. Gray and red vinyl were both plotter cut to create these pro-cut stickers with clear masking. Once applied, the masking is peeled back with the artwork firmly in place where it should remain 3-5 years. Guaranteed to hold up even at 1,000 feet up into the Arizona sky.