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1,000 - 1-color vinyl diecut stickers.

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Axis Wake Research manufactures high performance, price point wakeboard boats and brings new levels of quality, performance and style to the entry-level boat market with unparalleled pride of ownership.

Challenging the conventional wisdom that a high performance wakeboard boat cannot be offered at a price point, Axis Wake Research has initiated a segment-shattering revolution. By carefully sourcing components and materials, employing in-house fabrication, lean manufacturing, unique production processes and strategic sales and marketing practices, Axis offers low cost to the customer without compromising quality.

Performance and customer satisfaction levels are being raised by Axis in this market segment through an aggressive grassroots research and development campaign. These efforts revolve around the specific needs and wants of core riders and families alike. Or as the team at Axis Wake Research likes to say and the Axis name implies “We’re centered on you.”

The Axis Wake Research Team is a group of industry aces who respect tradition, but refuse to let it define them or the way they boat. They look past the typical limitations of wakeboard boat building to new more efficient and functional ways of doing things. They are a team assembled specifically to design and build a big wake boat to exceed the expectations of a price point buyer. The Axis movement is a completely new way to research, design, build and market entry-level big wake boats and this is just the beginning.